Stereo Cameras
Camera Type 35 mm viewfinder lenticular stereo camera
Manufacturer Nimslo Corp., Atlanta, GA, USA
Year Introduced  about 1980
Film 135 cartridge
Size 137 x 74 x 43 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 325 grams without case, 423 grams with everready case
Lens Separation 18.50 mm, 37.00 mm, 55.50 mm
Image Format 17.50 x 21.90 mm (W x H)
Image Window Separation 18.70 mm, 37.30 mm, 56.00 mm
Lenses triplets (glass, matched), 1:5.6/30 mm
Diaphragms Double lamellar type (diamond shaped) behind the lenses, continuously adjustable f/5.6 to f/22
Focusing Fixed focus
Shutter Double lamellar type shutter behind the lenses. Cocked with film transport. Same as diaphragm.
Shutter Speeds continuously from 1/30 to 1/500 sec., electronically controlled
Viewfinder Newton viewfinder (approx. 0,6x), with bright-line frame
Rangefinder n/a
Film Loading Manual
Film Transport Manual, with rapid-wind lever by 16 ½ sprocket holes (= 68.00 mm), sprocket wheel on bottom.
Film Rewinding Manual. By pressing film rewind button, with crank.
Frame Counter Additive, 1 to 18, self-resetting
Flash Contact Hot shoe.
Tripod Socket ¼ / 20 TPI
Selftimer n/a
Special Features Double exposure prevention, cable release socket
Accessories Operating instructions, everready case
Notes Automatic Exposure can bet set to be used with 100 ASA / 21° DIN and 400 ASA / 27° DIN film.

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