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Lenticular Developing and Processing

The following labs offer developing and processing for lenticular images taken digitally - as well as with film-based Nimslo, Nishika, Rittai (4 lens cameras) or ImageTech 3D Wizard, 3D Magic, 3D-1000, 3D FX and 3D Trio (3 lens cameras). Please contact them directly for specific information. Some labs also offer lenticular images from digital stereo pairs - watch the appropriate websites for their requirements. Also keep in mind that for lenticular images taken with a two-lensed stereo camera, intermediate images will have to be calgulated (interpolated). Depending on the software used, this can results varying from "great" to "horrible". does not endorse, approve, certify, or control any of these companies and does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, efficacy, timeliness etc. of services provided by them.

Wherever possible, we have placed comments by users, marked as "Comments".

We would like to hear about your experiences (quality, accuracy, turnaround-times etc.). Please contact us.

Geocarto International Centre Limited

Room1302, 13/F
Trend Centre
29-31 Cheung Lee Street
Chai Wan
Hong Hong
Tel: +852 2546-4262, Fax: +852 2559-3419


Processes digital images (MPO format). They generate in-betweens automatically from two views of MPO captured by Fujifilm camera, or stereo pairs captured by other 3D cameras.

For Nimslo/ImageTech and other film-based lenticular cameras, send positive (colour) scans of all the 2, 3, or 4 views - and they will make the appropriate processing.

User Comments

Information correct as of June 26, 2020


PO Box 1461
Sun City, CA. 92585

Processes digital images (JPG or MPO formats)

User Comments

Information correct as of December 24, 2010


P.O. Box 12767

Tel.: +972 (9) 9506880 (GMT/UTC +2)

Processes any stereo format digital files. One week turnaround. Sizes 170x120, 230x180, 350x230 (mm).

User Comments
"The depth is very good and details are sharp, but the angle of vie is extremely critical and can be seen well from a very narrow angle."
Shab Levy
"I must say I have never seen any lenticular prints with so much depth and sharpness."
David Tiede
"Your Lenticular ... has acquired my great interest and appreciation. I was kind stunned at first glace of it. Wow, "this is what I imaged of how a lenticular ... went!" I shouted to myself. So sharp, so vivid and more is no need of an eyewear that a lot of viewers often complained when they saw the art first time themselves… . Well, you have pushed the art to a new level… "
Robert Chow
"That is an excellent lenticular ... Very good depth and clarity. I haven't seen a ... lens which could do that, or has those angles of view...Very nice work."
Martin Simon
"Your work is amazing - I really like the depth you achieved."
Joel Gilgoff

Information correct as of March 09, 2016

Snap 3D

Tel.: +1 (416) 850-1972

Has discontinued film printing from the 3 lens and 4 lens consumer cameras as well as any other film cameras. However, they are now doing 3D and Animation lenticular prints from digital sources such as the Fuji 3D cameras and scans of the old 3 and 4 lens film cameras.

User Comments
Positive comment received in October 2007: "I have used them several times over the past year, they take about 4 weeks to develop and print a film (I usually use 36 exposure films, giving me 18 lenticular prints) [...] I'm in the UK, and found them very helpful."
Positive comment received in May 2009: "I have been using Snap 3D for Lenticular printing about every 6 months for the last 3 years. I have never had any problems with them. They have just updated prices etc."

Information correct as of September 09, 2022



Printing from MPO and JPS files in various formats.

User Comments
Positive comment received in January 2012: "It took only a few days days to process and I received them back in about a week. I must say I'm really impressed with their work. The images vary from about 4" x 4" up to about 6" x 8"."

Information correct as of March 10, 2011

New!Z-axis Prints

6213 E Valleyview Drive
Spokane Valley, WA 99212
Tel.: +1 (509) 842-6680

Processes digital images

User Comments

Information correct as of June 26, 2020


All of the following companies are either unconfirmed, out of business or have received numerous negative comments:

Caution!CLIK 3D
Unit 18, 3909 Witmer Road
Niagara Falls, NY 14305-1244
Tel.: +1 (888) 262-8682 or +1 (416) 516-6938


219 Dufferin Street, Suite 105A
Toronto ON M6K 1Y9

Processes images taken with 2-lens, 3-lens, 4-lens, 5-lens, 6-lens and 12-lens cameras.

In September 2004, they claimed to have switched to digital equipment and expected to have a turnaround-time of 2 weeks by the end of 2004.

In February 2005 they seem to be unavailable, their telephone-number being directed to a (full) voice-mailbox.

In October 2005, their telephone numbers have been disconnected.

User Comments
By the end of 2004, we received quite a few negative comments, mostly like this: "I sent my film to Clik3D last Dec.(2003) and have not had it returned yet".
At least in August 2004, they were still sending out messages like "We have received your e-mail. You should know that all print and reprint orders are seriously delayed but being processed. We are unable to give exact shipping dates at this time. All orders are being processed in the order that they were received. We will forward details as soon as possible." - whatever that means!

Still receiving negative feedback: "I sent film to Clik 3D NY back in July 2004 and never got it back. They took my money and film. Today is Oct 11, 2005"

Information correct as of October 12, 2005


ClosedOrasee Corporation
4850 River Green Parkway
Duluth, GA 30096
Tel.: +1 (770) 497-0727, Fax: +1 (770) 497-0724.

This company has been closed!

User Comments
A number of people have told us that there was no reply from this company. Some people sent film as early as September 2003 and haven't heard anything at least until July 2004.

Information correct as of August 8, 2006


Closed3D Creations
93 Lethe Grove
Colchester, Essex CO2 8RH
United Kingdom
Tel.: +44 (1206) 572287, Fax: + 44 (1206) 514211

This company has been closed!

User Comments

"Thank you for your email. The current situation is that 3D Creations Ltd has now closed, and since I care about my customers, I am not doing an "Image Tech" or "Clik 3D" and abandoning a warehouse full of customers films. I am in fact finishing off all work in hand at my own personal expense, whilst endeavouring to work full time to pay the mortgage and survive in order to finish the work in hand. If I fail in personal survival, then I will not be able to finish the prints. My strategy is to scan (in progress) and archive all films as fast as I can, and then return the negatives (now commencing) with a covering letter, only then will I continue the printing as rapidly as time and funds permit while earning a living at a full time job. I am sorry this situation has happened, and I am doing everything I can to minimise the impact on my customers. I will make a point of checking that I have satisfactory scans of your film, and return the film very shortly. You then have the possibility of getting flat prints made locally, pending the arrival of the 3D ones. The company has closed as I said earlier, it has no assets, and there is no possibility of any refunds. You will not be surprised that I have suffered considerable personal losses as well, and that it is taking me a while to rectify my personal situation."
(March 10, 2006)

"I was disturbed to see the large number of negative comments posted about what appears to be the only processor of 3-D films in the UK, 3D Creations of Colchester, Essex - this rather accords with my own experience."

"Early this year, having found the Company via an Internet search, I e-mailed them to ask them for details of their services, prices, etc. I got no reply from them, and assummed that they had gone out of business ( except that the e-mail was not bounced back undeliverable, as I would have expected )"

"Reading the stories posted on your web site of films never being returned, cheques being banked but no photographs received, e-mails unanswered, various excuses being made, etc., I am of the opinion that this Company either does not really exist or, if it does, is trading fraudulently."
(November 2005)

"I sent my film off to 3D Creations in Colchester, UK, over a year ago and I'm still waiting to get my photos back. The e-mail I received from them in September 2004 said it would be 'processed shortly'!"
(September 2005)

"I received the following e-mail on the 6th October, 2004, from Larry Wooden at 3D Creations:- Your film is slated for next week. I have recently been able to recruit 2  new staff members, and they will be working through my backlog during next week between the sections of the contract work that pays them the rest of the time. Hopefully over the course of a couple of months we can clear the backlog and get to a rapid service of 3 to 4 weeks a last. I appreciate your patience, I am at least as keen as you to get the printing up to date."

"Needless to say, it has now been 2 months since this e-mail and I've heard nothing further. I have just sent an e-mail to him to find out what the latest situation is, but, to be quite honest, I've more or less given up hoping to see my photos."
(December 2004)

"I sent a 3D film away to be developed 15 months ago. The cheque was cashed straight away. I've now had a continuing saga, first by phone calls, but later by e-mails, chasing up my photos. Every time, I get the same old sob story about shortage of staff, too much work, etc etc. I also got the same reply as the comment already on your page about the film having been processed into negatives and just the final printing being required. The last few e-mails promise that my film is in the current batch being done, and I should get them in the next few weeks (I've been told this since February this year). Personally, I'm beginning to think that this company does not actually do any photo processing/printing and is just one big con."
(October 2004)

We have a report from one user that after 5 weeks of waiting, he got in touch with them by E-Mail. He got the following reply:
"Thank you for your e-mail. Please let me reassure you that your film is safe and secure, and has been processed into negatives to ensure that it does not deteriorate. I am expecting to print it within a month or two from now."

Information correct as of March 10, 2006

Question MarkPrint Center s.n.c.
Via Acireale - Z.I.R
98124 Messina
Tel.: +39 (090) 2923601 or +39 (090) 2926798, Fax: +39 (090) 692358
E-Mail: or

User Comments
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These sources are provided for information only and do not imply recommendation by, nor reflect upon the quality of products or services offered.

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