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What is "Stereo" or "3D"?
Quotations: Stereoscopy in Books & Literature
3-D Sightings: Stereoscopic Bits in Films and Television


Physiology of Vision
Anatomy of the Eye


3D Time Line
Errors in Stereo History & The Chimenti Hoax
Early Color Stereo Photography
Stereograph Dating


Digital Stereo

Beginners Guide to Copying Stereo Slides (by David Starkman)
Beginners Guide to Stereo Photo Maker (by David Starkman)
Beginners Guide to Digital Stereo Projection
(by David Starkman)


Taking Stereo Images

Getting Started in Digital Camera 3D-Photography
Twin camera

Shutter / Flash Synchronization
Slide Bar
Beam Splitters

Stereo Cameras

Film Image Formats
Close-up Photography

Aerial Stereo Photography
Stop Action 3D-Photography using an audio flash trigger
Universal Depth Of Field Tables


Creating Computer Stereo Images

How to make 3D-Pictures by Computer


Viewing Stereo Pairs

Free Viewing
Pigeon System
Projection of Stereo Slides & Digital Images
Beginners Guide to Digital Stereo Projection (by David Starkman)
Scanning Stereo Slides

Beginners Guide to Copying Stereo Slides (by David Starkman)


Special Stereo Techniques

Lenticular Imaging

Interference Filters / Infitec™
Virtual Reality


Motion Pictures and Stereo Video

Field Sequential Video (Alternate Frame Video)

Anaglyph Video
The Pulfrich Effect



Ultrasound Stereo Imaging



Lenticular Developing and Processing
Stereo Prints
Stereo Slide Developing and Mounting (Stereo Realist Size)
Processing Kodachrome Films
Processing Old Films


Do-It-Yourself ... Repairs etc.

Repair of Cemented Lenses
Make your own Silver Screen


Stereo Clubs


Brewster, Sir David
Daguerre, Louis Jacques Mandé

Gabor, Dennis
Holmes, Oliver Wendell
Ives, Frederic Eugene
Lumière, Auguste and Louis
Wheatstone, Sir Charles

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