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Shutter / Flash Synchronization

This topic applies to twin-camera setups, and refers to the difficulty of synchronizing the shutter mechanisms of two separate cameras. This is especially critical when using flash, due to the extremely short duration of typical flash units. Shutters on both cameras must be completely open when the flash occurs. Methods of addressing this include:

Method Advantages Disadvantages Comments
Dual Cable Release Inexpensive Poor syncronization The button must be pushed quickly to get reasonable sync (some hit the button). Sync may not be good enough to use flash
Air-pressure Good for SLRs up to several feet apart    
Solenoids Most accurate of mechanical solutions   Suggest use of a storage scope for adjustment
Electrical Good synchronization   For cameras with electrically-activated shutter

For flash synchronization, the following method has been tried with a camera with electric cable release (specifically the Minolta X-700):

Flash Synchronization

This has the effect of ANDing the two camera hot shoe switches, causing the flash to not fire until both shutters are closed.

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