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3D Time Line

Hal Layer contributed this 3D historical time line:
Time Period Person Discovery
300BC -175AD Euclid, Claudius Galen Each eye sees objects differently
1519 Leonardo da Vinci Binocular vision adds a quality of relief to the perception of objects.
1611 & 1613 Johann Kepler, Francois Aguilonius Binocular vision is single only at the plane of and convergence; otherwise, images are doubled.
1738 & 1759 Robert Smith, W. Porterfield Binocular parallax causes image disparities.
1775 Joseph Harris Binocular parallax causes relief perception 
1833 Charles Wheatstone Image disparities, the result of parallax, are the source of relief perception - or stereopsis.
1833 Charles Wheatstone Binocular images can be drawn
1838 Charles Wheatstone Space can be perceived inverted (pseudostereo).
1841 Charles Wheatstone Binocular images can be made photographically
1857 Hermann Helmholtz The space in binocular images can be scaled (hyperstereo and hypostereo).


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