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Processing Kodachrome Film

Kodachrome films have always played a prominent role in the 3D world. Their grain is fine and the colors are great - and keeping well for many decades. Kodachrome film from the 1950's still looks wonderful today while other color films are faded or are turning to nasty colors.

A few years sgo, Kodak labs around the world used to accept the films for processing - but today, fewer and fewer labs do process that special film.

According to official information, Kodak will close its European Kodachrome Lab in Lausanne/Switzerland on September 25th, 200. After that date, all Kodachrome 64 KB Films will be sent to the Kodak Lab in the USA. This information is valid until Summer of 2007.

It is unclear, how long Kodachrome 64 KB Films will be in production.

Only two labs remain to process Kodachrome film:

Dwayne's Photo Service
415 S. 32nd Street
Parsons, KS 67357
Tel.: +1 (620) 421-3940
Toll Free USA: 1-800-522-3940
Fax: +1 (620) 421-3174

Horiuchi Color Lab, Co, Ltd.
1-6-7, Wada Suginami-Ku
Tokyo 166
Tel.: +81 (3) 3383-3321
Fax: +81 (3) 3382-7493

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