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Ultrasound Stereo Imaging

3D Ultrasound is the most advanced technology used by sonographers during pregnancy to evaluate the unborn fetus. This process provides physicians and expecting mothers with the clearest images of the fetus available. For over 35 years, obstetricians have used 2D ultrasound technology during pregnancies but are quickly shifting to the upgraded technology.

2D ultrasound works by directing ultrasound waves (high speed sound waves) straight down on the area being examined. These waves are reflected back up and recorded, providing the viewer with a "flat" black and white, 2-dimensional picture of the fetus.

3D ultrasound works in a similar fashion except that the ultrasound waves are directed from multiple angles. These waves are reflected back and captured, providing very detailed 3-dimensional images of the fetus including its hair, lips, eyes, nose, and other facial features. Placement of the placenta and umbilical cord can also be seen.

Of course, stereoscopic images can be obtained as well. The sample stereo pair below was created by Reuven Achiron and Yitzhak Weissman.

Ultrasonic Stereo Image

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