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Projection of Stereo Slides & Digital Images

Basically, projection of 3D slides involves:

1. Use of a dual-lens projector, or two single-lens projectors

2. Linear Polarized filters over each projection lens are aligned at right angles

3. Use an aluminum (silver) or lenticular screen, not a white one. A white screen will de-polarize the light projected, destroying the stereo effect. The silver or lenticular silver screens preserve the polarization of the projected light. However, not all silver screens are suitable for stereo projection!

4. Polarized glasses are worn which match the alignment of the projector lens polarizing filters. In most projectors and glasses, the orientations of the polarization is in a "V" shape. A notable exception is the FED projector and glasses, which have the polarization in the vertical and horizontal directions. Digital Cinema and 3D Computer Screens mostly use circular polarization.

Stereo Projection

For information about digital stereo projection, refer to the appropriate Beginners Guide to Digital Stereo Projection

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