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A Slide Bar enables you to take a pair of photos for stereo viewing, of still life scenes, with a single camera. If you are new to 3D-Photography, I recommend the well written and easy to understand book "Photographing in 3D" by David Burder FRPS & Pat Whitehouse FRPS. It explains all the basic 3D photo procedures and is beautifully illustrated with lots of colorful 3D photos. It is listed in the "Reel 3-D" catalog.

The Slide Bar is attached mounted on a tripod. The Roller Block is attached to your camera, then slipped onto the Bar. A pair of photos is taken, one on the left of center, one on the right. After processing, the slides are viewed using any of the hand-held viewers or projector set-ups that will take regular 2"x2" slides or hand mounted full-frame slides.

We offer Slide bars in two convenient lengths: 8" (20.32 cm) and 16" (40.64 cm). A special Single Vertical Mount is available to mount cameras vertically instead of horizontally.

Slide Bars for Medium Format, Large SLR's and Heavy Duty Work are Now available in the following lengths: 18" - 28" with Twin Roller Blocks, Bubble Levels and End Safety Stops.

8" Slide Bar

8 Inch Slide Bar

The 8" (20.32 cm) Slide Bar is compact and fits easily into your camera bag. The roller block and bar are designed with color coded indent positioning, at center and three positions each side of center:
Color Shift Format Approx.
Subject Distance
Yellow ¼" (6.35 mm) L & R Macro 1 Foot (30 cm)
Green ¾" (19.05 mm) L & R Close-Up 4 Feet (120 cm)
Red 1¼" (31.75 mm) L & R Scenes-Normal 6 Ft. (180 cm) - Infinity

The shift distances are based on a "Rule of Thumb" of 30:1. Total left-right travel on the bar is 4½" (114.3 mm). The block is removable and has a thumb screw lock for easy action.
  • Solid High Grade 6061 Aluminum Construction
  • Bubble Level
  • End Safety Stops
  • Black Anodized Finish
  • ¼"-20 TPI Mounting Screws
  • Click Stop Positioning
  • Color Coded Scale
  • Roller Block Design
  • Block Lock
  • Instructions Included
  • Made in the USA
  • Left-Right Travel 4.25" (108 mm) Total
  • Dimensions: .75" x 2" x 8" (1.9 cm x 5.1 cm x 20.3 cm)

  • $84.00 (plus S&H and applicable sales tax)

12" Slide Bar

12 Inch Slide Bar

This Slide Bar has one Roller Block and a 300 mm Scale (ruler) inset into it for easy and very precise shifting in small or large increments. A Bubble Level is also inset into the Bar. The Roller Block has a Thumb Screw Lock for smooth action. Safety Button Stops are at each end of the Bar.
  • Solid High Grade 6061 Aluminum Construction
  • Black Anodized Finish
  • 300 mm Scale (Ruler)
  • Bubble Level
  • ¼"-20 TPI Mounting Screws
  • Dimensions: .25" Thick x 1.50" Wide x 12" Long (0.64 cm x 3.8 cm x 30.5 cm)
  • Total Left-Right Travel 4.12" (10.5 cm) each side of center
  • End Button Stops - Safety Stops
  • Made in the USA
    $94.00 (plus S&H and applicable sales tax)

16" Slide Bar

16 Inch Slide Bar

The 16" (40.64 cm) Slide Bar has been discontinued and was replaced by the 18" Heavy Duty Twin Camera Slide Bar.

Single Vertical Mount

If you want to take vertical format instead of the regular landscape format stereo photos, use this handy Single Vertical Mount to attach one or two cameras to the Slide Bars above.

Screw height from base is 5" (127 mm) Mount is 7.38" high x 1.5" wide x 2.38" at the base (187.50 mm x 38 mm x 60.50 mm)

NOTE: the photo below shows two views for clarity only.

Single Vertical Mount
$47.50 (plus S&H and applicable sales tax)
Price for one Mount - photo above shows two for clarity only!


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