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Bound Editions of Reel 3-D News
with Covers & Table of Contents
In 1976 Susan Pinsky and David Starkman bought a library box of 200 View-Master reels at a garage sale. A week later they bought another smaller box, which included a little promotional paper (from 1952) for the "new" View-Master Personal Stereo Camera. They decided that it would be great fun to be able to make their own View-Master reels, and decided to find one of these old cameras. In their search for information they bought old photo magazines from the late 1940's and early 1950's and learned about the stereo photography "boom" of that period.

In their quest to find and share information, they decided to start an illustrated newsletter called "Reel 3-D News", and published the first issue in January 1978. The newsletter quickly expanded beyond View-Master to incorporate all forms of 3-D photography, with an emphasis on the 3-D slide boom of the 1950's.

"Reel 3-D News" ceased publication at the end of it's third year, in 1980. (Reel 3-D Enterprises continued on, as as the supplier of 3-D products that you find on this web site!). Due to the continuous demand for historical and useful information, these Bound Edtion photocopy reprints have been in continuous publication since 1980.

Each Bound Edition includes covers and a Table of Contents. Combined they include 448 pages full of 3-D How-To Information, View-Master History, a 56 page Reference Guide to 3-D Equipment, 3-D Film Reviews, and lots of other stimulating and interesting 3-D information. They are available in a set of all three volumes together!
Reel 3-D News - 1978
No. 1015
  • How to Mount Your own 3-D Slides Issue
  • View-Master Personal Camera Report
  • Busch Verascope F40 Review/Report
  • Beam-splitter systems review
  • Trick stereo techniques
  • Stereographers Survey Results
  • Hyperstereo for View-Master & Realist
  • Star Studded 3-D from the 50's
  • 3-D Tips, Ideas & Suggestions
  • Glossary of 3-D Terminology
  • 148 Pages full of 3-D Information!

Reel 3-D News - 1979
No. 1016
  • Two-Part (56 page) REFERENCE GUIDE FOR STEREOGRAPHERS - pictures & specs on 3-D cameras, attachments, projectors, viewers & accessories. 
  • Complete listing of 3-D movies to 1979 
  • 3-D Home Movie Making 
  • Electronic Flash & your Stereo Camera 
  • Tribute to Seton Rochwite: Inventor of the Stereo Realist Camera 
  • Stereographers Survey Results 
  • Listing of 3-D Clubs & Organizations 
  • 168 Pages full of 3-D Information!

Reel 3-D News - 1980
No. 1004
  • Yellow Pages of 3-D: Guide to Current 3-D Products & Services 
  • “What is the Best?” in 3-D Equipment 
  • View-Master Trouble Shooters Chart 
  • Special 3-D Projectors Issue 
  • View-Master Mark II Camera Report 
  • “3-D Camera that Never Was” Review 
  • Instant Stereo Camera Review 
  • “Dial M for Murder” Issue 
  • Experimenting with Super 8 3-D 
  • 132 Pages full of 3-D Information!

No. 1061 ... Bound Set of all 3 Volumes

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