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Reel 3-D Book Index
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Beneath the Sea in 3-D Dive into the world's most exotic waters without even getting wet!
California In Depth A Stereoscopic History of California.
The Civil War in Depth - History in 3-D Filled with more than 100 rare and powerful stereoview images of the Civil War.
The Civil War in Depth - Volume II - History in 3-D Incidents of The Rebellion: Civil War Photographs Seen as they were meant to be seen. IN 3-D
Galápagos in 3-D Enjoy the experience in the comfort of your own living room with this book of 3-D images.
Guide To The Nimslo 3-D Camera How to get the best use from your Nimslo 3-D Camera 
How to Make Anaglyphs  YOU can learn to draw in 3-D!
PEEPSHOW: 1950's Pin-Ups in 3-D A beautiful book full of glamorous and sometimes kitschy nude photography
Photographing in 3-D  The BEST introduction to 3-D... is now even better!
Reel 3-D News 448 pages full of 3-D How-to info., View-Master History and more. 
Stereo Photography An introduction to stereo photo technology, useful for both begining and advanced stereo photographers
The Stereoscope & Stereoscopic Photography  A Facsimile of the 1894 Edition
Stereoscopes The First One Hundred Years The ultimate reference book on antique stereo viewers
Stereoscopic Drawing Practical instruction on the art of making 3-D pictures.
The Stereoscopic Nude: 1850 - 1930 For Adults Only! Rare erotic 3-D photographs.
Stereoscopic Phenomena of Light & Sight  A Facsimile of the 1903 Edition 
Stereo Views: History & Price Guide An illustrated history and price guide of stereo cards, View-Master reels, True-Vue strips, & more.
Stereoviews Illustrated 50 rare and interesting stereoviews
"The World at War - 1914" A splendid CD-ROM with excellent stereo images
3-D Hollywood 3-D Photographs by Harold Lloyd including more than a dozen unpublished pictures of Marilyn Monroe.
3-D Movies A valuable reference book for any 3-D movie enthusiast

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