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Stereoscopic Drawing
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Stereoscopic Drawing: A Theory of 3-D Vision
and its Application to Stereoscopic Drawing
by Arthur N. Girling
No. 1055 The author spent many years making stereoscopic photographs before deciding to explore the possibilities of stereoscopic drawing. As there was virtually nothing in print on this subject, he devised his own techniques, and for years his results have delighted members of the Stereoscopic Society in London, England, to which he belongs. Mr. Girling finally decided to put all of his knowledge into print, and the result is this practical instruction on the art of making 3-D pictures, fully illustrated, including 11 color plates in red/green anaglyph.  

The Table of Contents includes: 3-D Vision; The Anaglyph; Drawing the Double Image or Stereo Pair; Viewing the Stereo Picture; Special Effects and Stereopsis.  

8½" x 11" hard cover book,  96 pages, including red/green 3-D glasses. Originally  priced at $22,  we are pleased to be able to offer this unique book at a special bargain price.

No. 1055 1 to 9 copies
No. 1055A 10 to 24 copies
No. 1055B 25+ copies

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