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Stereo Photography
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Stereo Photography
by Fritz G. Waack
No. 1023
  • Do-it-yourself section 
  • Numererous math formulas 
  • Tables for 3-D photo calculations 
  • Useful information for both beginning & advanced stereo photographers 
This 72 page 5" x 7" format book is subtitled An Introduction to Stereo Photo Technology and Practical Suggestions for Stereo Photography. This is the updated English edition of the original published in 1979 by the German Stereoscopic Society. It is packed with useful information for both beginning and advanced stereo photographers.  

Beginners will appreciate the general background that is provided for getting started, and the "do-it-yourself" section which shows how to make your own slide bar, twin camera rig, stereo slide and print stereo viewers. Illustrations supplement the text.  

Advanced stereographers will find detailed technical information including technical diagrams, and numerous mathematical formulas and tables for stereo photography calculations.  

A good all-around text for any 3-D library. 

No. 1023


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