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Stereoviews Illustrated - Volume 1: Fifty Early American
by Russell Norton
No. 1047 If you were lucky enough to find originals of these 50 stereoviews to add to your own collection they would be valued at about $9,920 today. In this one book you can own and enjoy beautifully printed duotone copies of images of Walt Whitman, 1880; the 1872 Allegheny City Flood, Ex-Pres. Andrew Johnson's 1875 funeral, an 1872 N.Y. Shaker School, miners of 1880 & $45,000 of silver bricks, the final fate of an 1881 horse thief & murderer, a pile of baby alligators, 1872; a woman in 1872 with floor length hair, and many more extraordinary images from 1863 to 1889.  

These are all from the collection of Russell Norton, exquisitely printed in their original stereoview card size (approximately 3½" x 7"). Included is a small amount of text, instructions for freeviewing, a values guide of the views, and a photographers index. Wire bound to lay flat for optimum viewing, and printed in top quality duotones. 64 pages. A fabulous introduction to rare and interesting 3-D views. 

No. 1047


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