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Stereo Photography by Fritz G. Waack

  For Those in a Hurry: Condensed Stereo Rules
1. What is Stereo or 3-D
2. A little History
3. General Requirements
3.1 Out-of-Focus Photographs are unacceptable
3.2 Correct Picture Positioning
4. Exposure Criteria for Stereo photographs
4.1 The photographic Base
4.2 Depth of Field
4.3 Deviations from the ideal Case
4.4 The Time Criterion
4.5 Stereo Attachments: A Means to Close-ups
4.6 Practical Hints
4.7 Drawn Stereo Pictures
5. Viewing Requirements for Stereo Photographs
5.1 Framing and Mounting Requirements
5.2 Image Differentiation
5.3 Projection
5.4 Rear Projection
6. 3-D Movies: Exposure and Projection
7. Sketched Anaglyph Pictures
  The Moon in 3-D (Stereo Picture)
8. Do-it Yourself Directions
  The Path to a Stereo picture 
  Sliding brings Success
  The Hobbythek patented Slide Bar
  A Seesaw, but not for Rocking
  The Stereo Camera Brand known as "Home Made"
  Looking Cross-eyed is Part of the Answer
  Nostalgia in practical Use
  A Stereo Viewer for Paper Pictures
  Slides in Stereo? No Problem - Success in a Snap
  Slides that do not fall from their frames
  Silver Screens - Self-painted
  An aligning Device for Stereo Slides
9. The Calculation of the Stereo Base
10. English / German Technical Keywords
Appendix I Graphs 1 - 6
Appendix II Stereoscopic Viewing Tests (Carl Zeiss, Jena)
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