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An Album of Stereographs : Or, Our Country Victorious and Now a Happy Home : From the Collections of William Culp Darrah and Richard Russack.
Anthony: The Man, the Company, the Cameras
by William Marder
California in Depth: A Stereoscopic History
by Jim Crain
5 Stars
Cartes De Visite in Nineteenth Century Photography
by William C Darrah
Civil War in Depth: History in 3D, The
by Bob Zeller
5 Stars

The New York Times Book Review, David Murray
...a more than worthwhile addition to the history bookshelf... 

The first book to present the greatest photos of the Civil War in the three-dimensional format in which they were originally taken and meant to be seen, The Civil War in Depth is a landmark contribution to both photographic history and the ever-popular study of the Southern rebellion. This remarkable collection of 150 photos includes the first war action photos ever taken--the shelling of Fort Sumter in 1863--as well as more than a dozen Civil War images never published until now.

Card catalog description
Complete with a stereoscopic viewer that allows you to see each image in 3-D, The Civil War in Depth explores the Civil War from an astonishing new perspective, with scenes that come to life in a way no two-dimensional photograph ever could. Witness the shelling of Fort Sumter in 1863 - the first war action photograph ever taken. Examine more than a dozen Civil War photographs that have never been published until now. View the stoic face of Abraham Lincoln, as well as the slave pens, the prisons, the wrecked battlefields, and the devastated cities as they were seen in the nineteenth century. Learn about the art of the stereo photographer and the often misunderstood history of Civil War photographs. 

Early Photography at Gettysburg
by William A. Frassanito
Eadweard Muybridge and the Photographic Panorama of San Francisco, 1850-1880
by David Harris, Eric Sandweiss
Iowa Stereographs: Three-Dimensional Visions of the Past
by Mary Bennett, Paul C. Juhl
5 Stars

An excellent book with dozens of stereo historic images of Iowa, featuring both daily life, historic events, catastrophic events etc. Even if you are no resident of the US-State of Iowa, this is an excellent book for your 3D-library as it shows a very wide variety of images of a fairly small area, which enables historic studies.

Sir Charles Wheatstone Frs 1802-1875 (Iee History of Technology Series, No. 29)
by Brian Bowers
5 Stars

This fascinating biography celebrates the bicentenary of Wheatstone's birth, and draws on information about the family business as well as letters, including correspondence with Cooke and Faraday, which were not available for the first edition. Charles Wheatstone was one of the leading electrical engineers of the mid-nineteenth century, and began his career in the family musical instrument firm where studying the workings of musical instruments gave him a taste for physics. He was responsible for the introduction of the electrical telegraph where his scientific understanding enabled him to turn it into a practical technology. He is also the inventor of the Stereoscope and thus is "responsible" for 3D-photography and all other forms of stereoscopic imaging. This book will be of particular interest to scientists and historians interested in the work of this pioneering engineer.

Stereoscope; Its History, Theory, and Construction, The

by Sir David Brewster
2 Stars
Stereoscopic Nude 1850-1930, The
by Serge Nazarieff
5 Stars

Stereo Views; An Illustrated History and Price Guide (2nd Edition)
by John Waldsmith

5 Stars

This is a reference book for the 3D lover. It covers many aspects of collection from a variety of historic stereoviews, to Tru-Vue, to View-Master and so on. There are prices listed, as well as tips about how to grade collectibles. While prices are always debatable, it is still a great reference. With more than 300 photos on a total 336 pages it is also a wonderful book to browse.

A true "must have" book for any stereo collector!

Stereo Views; An Illustrated History and Price Guide
by John Waldsmith
5 Stars

This book is now out of print, but may be found used. A second Edition has been published in 2002.

Stereoviews Illustrated: Fifty Early American
by Russell Norton
4 Stars
Wonders of the Stereoscope

by John, Jones
3 Stars
World of Stereographs, The
by William C. Darrah
5 Stars

"The World of Stereographs" by William C. Darrah is the definitive work on stereographs. This reprint edition is an exact reproduction of the limited edition originally published by the author himself in 1977. This book, intended as a survey and guide to stereographs, considers them from for points of view: historical, geographical, topical and by the photographers who produced them. Two checklists are included: first, the names and locations of 3,500 North American stereographers arranged alphabetically by States; and second, a world register of 4,200 card photographers giving the countries and approximate dates of activity, with references to the book on which they are cited. Three hundred illustrations of stereographs supplement the text. "The World of Stereographs" was written not only for collectors, librarians, archivists, and historians, but also for the general appreciation and enjoyment of stereographs.

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