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Complete Book of Holograms : How They Work and How to Make Them, The
by Joseph E. Kasper, Steven A. Feller

A Do-it-Yourself book

Creepy Crawlies : 6 Amazing Holograms Bring Insects, Spiders, and Mollusks to Life!
by Dugald Steer, David Ansrey (Illustrator), Justine Peek
Ghost Pirate : A Spirited Hologram Book, The
by Julianna Bethlen, Brian Lee (Illustrator)
Ghost Train : A Spooky Hologram Book
by Stephen Wyllie, Brian Lee (Illustrator)
Holography Handbook: Making Holograms the Easy Way
by Fred Unterseher, F. Ross (Editor), B. Kluepfel (Editor)

For the amateur holographer, the authors of this practical manual emphasize a simple and easy method of creating three-dimensional laser photographs. Although some information on laser technology and holographic theory is included, the book in general supplies step-by-step instructions on holography basics and identifies elementary equipment and supplies. A real hologram is to be included in each copy. Suppliers and resource addresses are noted. Bibliography, glossary, index.

Holography MarketPlace (1st Edition)
by Franz Ross, Elizabeth Yerkes

Excellent Reference

Holography MarketPlace (8th Edition)
by Alan Rhody (Editor), John Raphael Staude (Photographer)

Excellent Reference

The first book ever published with a full color full parallax hologram on the cover.
* Describes all the different types of holograms and how they are made.
* Gives updates on the latest technology in holography.
* Has over 20 sample holograms from manufacturers bound in the book.
* Has a worldwide database of all the businesses involved in holography (over 900).

Holography MarketPlace (3rd Edition)
by Franz Ross, Brian Kluepfel, Franz Ross (Editor), Brian Kluepfel (Editor)
Holography MarketPlace (4th Edition)
by Franz Ross, Brian Kluepfel
Holography MarketPlace (6th Edition)
by Franz Ross, Alan Rhody
5 Stars

The latest edition presents many changes: an enhanced layout, new contributions and hologram science, numerous samples, and addresses of all hologram companies in the world. As a standard library reference, it packs in everything businesses need for acquiring, selling and understanding holographs and their applications.

Lasers and Holography: An Introduction to Coherent Optics
by Winston E. Kock

Very theoretical

Dr. Winston Kock's lucid introduction to lasers and holography begins with a clear discussion of wave patterns and coherence. Then the development of lasers is summarized, along with the phenomenon of wave diffraction. Using language that can be readily understood by high school and junior high school students, Dr. Kock has written a brief, yet authoritative volume that should satisfy anyone's curiosity about this burgeoning field.

Monsters; Hologram World
by Dugald Steer, Justine Peek

Children's Book

Shoebox Holography : A Step-By-Step Guide to Making Holograms Using Inexpensive Semiconductor Diode Lasers
by Frank Defreitas, Alan Rhody, Steve Michael

In-depth manual for students, teachers and hobbyists on how to create holograms easily and inexpensively.

Basic Concepts in Holography
The History of Holography
What Lasers Are and How They Work
Complete List of What's Needed
Where to Find the Materials
10 Steps to Creating Your Hologram
Advanced Experiments with Fiber Optics
Careers In Lasers and Photonics

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