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Dear 3-D Friends and 3-D Customers,

Thank you sincerely for visiting our Reel 3-D web site. Please note that we have been closed to retail sales since April 2, 2004. We have received emails from many of you asking us for an update, and we promised you that we would do this after a one year hiatus.

So, to all of you wonderful and loyal 3-D customers and enthusiasts, here is the story:

During this past year we have continued our wholesale sales to dealers and clubs, and you will find many of them in the referral box below, and on the website.

For many personal reasons, including family, and "we're not getting any younger", we've decided to continue with wholesale and dealer sales ONLY on an indefinitely extended basis. In addition, however, we will now be selling some discontinued and one-of-a-kind vintage 3-D items on  Look for us under the seller name "reel3d". If you don't find anything listed, please check back, as we may not be listing items on a regular schedule.

We have left our website online for reference purposes, and for announcements, but you will note that PRICES and BUY buttons have been REMOVED.

We are leaving you MANY other excellent resources for the 3-D needs you have.. In the last decade other 3-D companies have come into existence, and many of them already sell products created by Reel 3-D Enterprises. A list of other 3-D dealers, and links to their websites, is in the box below. Please note that while we have known and dealt with most of these dealers for many years, a listing here does NOT constitute a personal endorsement by us. We are providing the list as a service to YOU, but we cannot make any guarantees about other companies.

We will deeply miss the daily interaction we have had with you, and we hope you will understand our decision to leave full-time retail sales.

The bottom line here is that OUR ONLINE SHOPPING CART is CLOSED FOR PLACING ORDERS. We are NOT available by phone or answering machine messages to place orders. We will do our best to answer emails, but strongly suggest that you see the following "3-D Resources" section for other sources of 3-D products and information - and request that you contact them first if you have 3-D questions.

We are still active in our own 3-D photography, and look forward to seeing many of you at National Stereoscopic Association and International Stereoscopic Union conventions for many years to come! We've been going to these conventions for over two decades, and highly recommend attending them if you possibly can! Past 3-D conventions have been some of our highly treasured memories and experiences in 3-D because of meeting you, exchanging wide varieties of 3-D information, and visiting different parts of the world. We personally invite YOU to attend. You won't regret it.

Susan Pinsky & David Starkman
Reel 3-D Enterprises, Inc.

*** 3-D Dealers & Resources ***

Section 1 - 3-D DDDealers

Dr. T -
Ray Zone -
Jon Golden - 3-D Concepts -
Ron Labbe - Studio 3-D -
Dalia Miller -
Steve Berezin -
Rocky Mountain Memories -
3D Development Company -
Antique Photographica -
David Burder, UK -

Widescreen Centre, UK -
Stereo Photo World, UK -
3-D Glasses for UK customers -

Section 2 - 3DDD Resources   - Reel 3-D's own Question and Answer Page - Still a great resource to answer your 3-D questions. If you have a question, this is a good place to start!!!   - Your first stop for a great all around 3-D resource site! Lots of information about 3-D, 3-D news, 3-D resources, 3-D Clubs, and even downloads of 3-D software!  Also see for links to other 3-D web sites.   - The web site of the International Stereoscopic Union (worthy of belonging to just to receive their excellent periodical)   - The web site of the National Stereoscopic Association (If you only belong to ONE 3-D organization, we suggest this one, at least. Their publication STEREO WORLD is well worth the price of membership! Don't miss us at the annual 3-D convention..)   - A good site for Stereo Realist fans, and other stereo information   - The View-Master hobbyists web site   - Dan Shelley's 3-D Links Page. Very extensive!   - Stereo 3-D Images 3-D Links Page - Lenticular prints from 2,3, and 4 lens cameras (Nimslo, 3D Magic, ImageTech, 3D Wizard, etc. Also sells cameras.   - A Japanese 3-D web site by Takashi Sekitani, Japan   - See mind boggling conversions to 3-D of classic and contemporary art - just the way you always imagined it -- in Depth! Includes conversions of Rembrandt, Vermeer, Botticelli, Leonardo Da Vinci, Albrecht Durer, Jan van Eyck, and much more. Art History in 3-D!   - The Amateur Photographic Exchange Club. They claim to be "the world's only (as far was we know) stereo photography (3D photography) exchange club". Lots of interesting info and links!   - Trust us. A great site for historic stereo views and information.   - We've been members of the Stereoscopic Society in the UK since 1983. The publish a superbly done Journal, and host a wonderful annual convention in the UK every year. If you live near London they also have monthly meetings!   - They list themselves as "The independent 3D and Virtual Reality resource!" Many links on this site seem to have gone out of date, but still a very interesting site for information.

Note: There are literally thousands of 3-D related web sites currently on the internet, and we can't list all of them. If you go to   and search for "stereoscopic" you will get some idea of what we mean. Many of the sites we have listed have links pages to other 3-D sites. We hope this will help you find what you are looking for!  


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David Starkman and Susan Pinsky
David Starkman & Susan Pinsky
David Starkman and Susan Pinsky (anaglyph)

Susan & David wishing you a lot of fun in 3D!
Susan & David wishing you a lot of fun in 3D!
Susan & David wishing you a lot of fun in 3D!
Parallel Viewing for the photo at the top,  Anaglyph Glasses for the photo at the bottom

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