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3D Concepts can help you make 3D stereoscopic exhibits and presentations happen, from addressing your specific needs to complete project management. Interested in developing a 3D presentation? Don't let technical issues be a stopping point. 3D Concepts provides consultation to suit your needs, whether you are an experienced stereographer, or learning about 3D for the first time.

If you already have a collection of stereo images you would like to present, we can provide digital restoration and duplication of historic views for presentation in modern 3D exhibit viewers. If you need historic or contemporary 3D images, we can help with our image bank, or by referring you to an appropriate stereographer.

We offer a variety of 3D viewers and 3D projectors suitable for installation in museum exhibits. Our sound design services complement the 3D imagery. If you would simply like to enjoy a projected 3D show, we have many available for presentation.

Contact us with questions.QnA@make3Dimages.com

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