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New! Print and transparency viewer for the digital age

Portable, light and easy to use with finger hole grip. Interchangeable image brackets for viewing BOTH back-lit transparencies and front-lit card images. The lenses are glass coated with a diameter of 38mm and a focal length of 100mm. The viewer is designed for a maximum image size of 2x x 65mm wide.
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Handviewer DDDiamondviewer

Diamondviewer Achromatic Stereoscope, three stereoscopes in one: It's a hand held portable stereoscope and it's a hand held lorgnette stereoscope. It uses the superior coated achromatic lenses, PLUS the exclusive feature of lenses that are mounted to match the height of the stereo card. All other Holmes viewers have lenses mounted well below the stereo card centerline, introducing extra distortion.

A striking modern design made from solid oak that feels balanced and comfortable in your hand. Comes in a handy storage box so you can take the scope with you. Quick assembly. Unique "Zero Free Play" design sliding stage assures both perpendicular and parallel positioning of your stereo view. Sliding stage glides easily on Teflon guides.

The superior achromatic lenses will show you color and details you have never seen before in both your antique and self-made stereo views. Even black and white stereo views will look spectacular, free from the color fringing you are used to seeing. Solid oak precision milled and fitted wood construction Easy to carry and ship/ setup and break down to a compact 2in fitted padded carton.
$398.00 + 14.50 s & h. in the US
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Handviewer Handviewer

Handviewer The MagniView Orthostereoscopic Stereoscope

Two viewers in one package:
  • For 3D stereo cards, prints
  • For medium format transparencies
Quality viewing begins at the optical stage, for crisp, and LARGE images from old and modern stereo view cards. The apparent area of view is approximately 30% larger than that seen in a typical Holmes viewer. This means that the viewed image will appear as natural as the original scene. Thus...with the MagniView, a near or true "ortho" perspective is achieved, offering ortho-stereoscopic viewing of both antique stereo views and Realist format camera prints mounted on standard Holmes size view cards. An accessory lens panel allows the versatility to view either transparency or print medium format stereo views (scope sitting on a table only, not hand held).


  • For Prints: 140mm f.l. (approximately) achromatic lenses for 30% larger apparent stereo image than standard Holmes style stereoscopes. Lenses have adjustable centerline spacing to allow for ideal viewing comfort of almost all typical Holmes size stereo views. Adjustable from 3.18" to 3.56" centerline spacing to allow for the floating infinity separation mounting of antique views.
  • For medium format transparencies: 85mm achromatic achromatic lenses offer a sharp, comfortable image. Lens centerline is fixed.
  • Stereoscope will never go out of alignment. User can easily adjust alignment of lenses to stereo view anytime.
  • Soft hood surround to mask out incidental light.
  • Zero free play card holder. Stereo views are perpendicular and parallel to lenses.
  • Smooth Teflon lined card slide focus adjustment.
  • All moving parts are adjustable for smooth action by user.
  • The lightweight MagniView can either sit on a table or can be hand held.

MagniViewer accessories for adjusting for print or transparency viewing. MagniViewer accessories

$485.00 + 16.00 s & h in the US
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MagniViewer MagniViewer MagniViewer MagniViewer

ViewMagic View-Magic 3-D Print Viewer
StereoPhotography: full frame made easy
A perfect introduction to 3D! No special equipment required. The viewer, with precision aligned glass optics, comes with complete instructions for taking 3-D pictures with your present camera (35mm, 110, Polaroid, you can even use "single use" cameras.) Film processing is easy and quick, since you shoot standard prints sizes. $35 plus $5. s & h. Large Print Viewer ($45 + $5 s&h) and Side-by-Side Viewers ($55 + $5s&h).
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al Achromat Lorgnette

The Achromat Lorgnette stereo card viewer Enjoy the fine optics of a Saturnscope in a pocket sized 6-4/3in long stereo viewer that unfolds from its fine wood case, to reveal its coated achromatic lenses. $235.00 Plus S & H
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optics! The Saturnscope stereo card viewer

For the finest is in a currently made Holmes' style combined portable lorgnette/table-top pedestal stereoscope. The Saturnscope has superior coated achromatic lenses, PLUS the exclusive feature of lenses that are mounted to match the height of the stereocard. All other Holmes viewers have lenses mounted well below the stereocard centerline, introducing extra distortion. The Saturnscope includes a matching base pedestal and both are made from fine woods, in small production runs. $410.00 plus S & H
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