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S.A.M. makes mounting easier, whatever format or mount type you use. See details below.

RBT Stereo Mounts
RBT Reuseable Mounts (US-Pat. No.: 4,942,684)

NEW MD mounts RBT MD mount NEW! We have had many requests from Realist format users, to create an RBT mount to emulate the aperture size of certain vintage aluminum masks, to provide more flexibility for window adjustment. The new RBT MD mount is a full 23mm in height, with a 19.5mm width, slightly less than a standard Realist aperture. Use the new MD MASKING MOUNTS to mask image width.
RBT mount interiors

All RBT mounts are calibrated for precision stereo alignment, a sliding pin bar system inside the mount locks the film chips in by their sprocket holes. The pin bars are fully adjustable for horizontal placement and are vertically adjustable in .1 mm increments with standard white pin bars, .05mm increments with grey pin bars. When mounting images taken with a stereo camera, vertical and rotational problems are eliminated. The result is precise alignment, which is critical for projection. Reusable snap-together design, plastic RBT mounts can be used over and over. They are simple to use, and do not require glue, heat or binding tape.

RBT MOUNTS use PIN BARS that snap into horizontal channels inside the mount. STANDARD WHITE PIN BARS .05 PIN BARS (supplied with RBT mounts) have an offset of .05mm allowing 5 vertical offset increments (.0, .10, .20, .30, .40) and 16 pinbar placement variations (some of these placements simply raise or lower the aligned chip pairs, allowing you to slightly mask either the top or bottom of the image).

GREY PIN BARS provide finer and additional vertical adjustments.
.10 GREY PIN BARS, when used in combination with the standard pin bars, provide 11 vertical offset increments (.0, .05, .10, .15, .20, .25, .30, .35, .40, .45, .50) and 64 pin bar placement variations. #GPB10

.20 GREY PIN BARS, when used in combination with the standard and .10 pin bars, provide 14 vertical offset increments (.0, .05, .10, .15, .20, .25, .30, .35, .40, .45, .50, .55, .60, .70) and 144 pin bar placement variations. #GPB20

GREY PIN BARS come in packs of 50. 1 pack $8.00, 2-4 packs $7.00 each, 5+ packs $6.50 each. S+H $2.50 per order, waived if ordered with mounts.

masking mounts

Have greater artistic and technical control over your images with the new RBT masking mounts.

Available in quantities of 10, 25, boxes of 50 and mixed boxes of 50.

Masking mounts can improve existing images. Often masking the foreground allows the object of interest to be moved closer to or even (gasp!) THROUGH the window! The panoramic aspect ratio is so handsome, try composing some shots with the intention of using this new format.
Standard RBT mounts and RBT anti-newton glass mounts are available in the following sizes: RBT Masking mounts are available in the following sizes*:
Realist Ultra close-up or
Half-frame or Beam-splitter
21 x 16 mm
(Nimslo, deWijs MACRO, masking option for Realist)
RBT 4M20
20 x 16 mm
RBT 4M15
15 x 16 mm
Realist close-up
23 x 19.5 mm
(masking option for Realist)
20 x 19.5 mm
15 x 19.5 mm
Realist normal
23 x 21 mm
(Kodak, Realist, Revere, TDC, Delta, Wollensak)
RBT 5M20
20 x 21 mm
RBT 5M15
15 x 21 mm
23 x 28 mm
(Fed, Verascope, Belplasca)
RBT 7M20
20 x 28 mm
RBT 7M15
15 x 28 mm
23 x 31.5 mm
(masking option for full-frame)
20 x 30 mm
15 x 30 mm
23 x 33 mm
(all RBT cameras, any full-frame camera)
*Look for the mount size for your camera on this chart. Any mount above it and to the side on this table can be used for image masking

Glass orientation One-sided glass mounts are intended for use with projection. The anti-newton glass keeps the film plane flat so the image stays in focus even when it is being projected through a hot vintage projector. Note that glass is available in the standard RBT sizes only, not for the masking mounts.

quantity Standard RBT Mounts RBT anti-newton glass mounts RBT Masking Mounts Standard shipping and handling
10 mounts Discounts and shipping charges apply to combined total of boxes ordered, standard, glass or masking mounts. $ 10.00 $ 2.50
25 mounts $ 19.00 $ 2.50
Mixed box
25 each
15mm & 20mm
$ 38.00 $ 2.50
1 box
50 mounts
$ 34.00 $ 37.00 $ 37.00 $ 2.50
2-3 boxes
50 mounts
$ 32.00 each $ 35.00 each $ 35.00 each $ 2.00 per
4-7 boxes
50 mounts
$ 30.25 each $ 33.25 each $ 33.25 each $ 1.50 per
8+ boxes
50 mounts
$ 28.75 each $ 31.75 each $ 31.75 each $ 1.25 per
Standard shipping and handling is media mail USPS. Other delivery arrangements are possible, contact us for details.
Contact us for a free sample mount.

SAM with ULPSAMSAM Stereo Active-Alignment Magnifier (S.A.M.)
Alignment templates are useful for placement of film chips, but do not offer magnification or stereo viewing. Save time and frustration with the SAM-Stereo Active Mounting system. SAM allows you to use the most powerful stereoscopic alignment tool, your own two eyes! Make precise, minute, vertical, horizontal and rotational adjustments to your brightly- underlit stereo images. Witness the effect on the stereo window and image within, through x4.5 magnified-focusing 25mm/f60 achromat lenses. SAMs lenses are cantilevered, giving your hands ample access to manipulate film chips. Interchangeable jigs for 35mm format RBT, EMDE, Spicer, Albion, Cardboard, Wess, GEPE, or Bonum formats. BASIC SAM comes with one jig of your choice, AC/DC converter, twin-halogen illumination, onboard on-off switch. $250.00 + S&H. SAM ADD-ON OPTIONS: substitute 60-72mm adjustable interocular lenses $48.00 / Ultra-bright fluorescent light panel $85.00 / Additional standard jigs $45.00 / New unpowered version (shown from behind with ULP light attachment): $195.00. Unpowered S.A.M. with 60-72mm adjustable interocular lenses $225.00

Contact us with questions. QnA@make3Dimages.com

comparator the Comparator
Scrutinize your stereo images with a 0-20mm scale in 0.1 increments. Ideal for comparing near and far points. $55.00 plus S & H

RBT Slide Tray

RBT Slide tray 

RBT 101ST slide trays, for sorting, transporting or storing stereo slides. A variety of small handviewers fit nicely in the 101ST trays with 25 stereo slides, making this a nice, portable, presentation package.
*snap on top lid with stacking corners.
*capacity: 50 stereomounts
*Grey opaque plastic PVC, rigid construction
*9-3/4"long x 4-5/7"wide x 2-1/8" high (with lid on)
*Numbered divider system, 1-50 labeled on both sides.
*Smooth bottom interior for easy cleaning, avoids collecting of dust and dirt.
*Dividers spaced for ease of slide placement and removal.
*Accomodates even the thickest (EMDE glass jacket) stereomounts.

$26.00ea for 1, plus S & H
$24.00ea for 2-4, plus S & H
$23.00ea for 5-10, plus S & H

Contact us with questions. QnA@make3Dimages.com

Combo Viewer Combo Viewer

Slide storage and hand viewing all in one compact lightweight package! Get the slide storage benefits of 101 ST storage trays (see projector page) and enjoy the glass optics of our popular Channel Viewers (see low-cost viewer page)! Store or travel with your stereo views. Just pop the lid off, insert the steal the light diffuser, and you are ready to view your images.
*Sturdy, nestable and stackable.
*off-white opaque plastic PVC, rigid construction
*9-3/4"long x 4-5/7"wide x 2-1/8" high (with lid on)
*Numbered divider system, 1-50 labeled on both sides.
*Accommodates even the thickest (EMDE glass jacket) stereo mounts.
Combo viewer

$59.85ea for 1, add $3.50 ea S & H
$58.25 ea for 2-3, add $2.60 ea S & H
$57.25ea for 4-up,
add $2.00 ea S & H

Contact us with questions. QnA@make3Dimages.com

Zip-Cozy Realist Zip-Cozy
for viewer and/or stereo mount storage
Made from neoprene material used for beverage cozys and water sports apparel.

From the outside, this padded zip cozy bag mimics the look of a Realist Red Button viewer. The red button placement corresponds with that of the actual viewer, so you can unzip the Zip-Cozy and use the viewer without removing it from the bag. The viewer is held safe and snug in this heavy duty padded Zip-Cozy , and zips back far enough so you can change slides without removing your viewer.

Protect your favorite viewer(s) and slides when out and about, or when storing them. Keep your viewer free of dirt and oil from human hands when passing it around. Buffer the viewer in the event of a drop or a knock. The underside has a rung as well as a large safety clip so you can strap it on to you belt, or attach your key chain to it, or attach it to whatever you want.

The COZY is great for.............

1- $29.00 plus s&h.
2-3 $27.50 each plus s&h.
4-5 $26.75 each plus s&h.

Contact us with questions. QnA@make3Dimages.com

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