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historic views become new 3D Imaging Services

Find new audiences and markets for modern or historic stereoscopic images! Exhibit content-developers, designers and installers look to 3D Concepts to provide:
*Research and procurement of stereo images, modern or historic
*Restoration, re-alignment, corrective procedures
*2D to 3D conversion
*Duplication and output services
*Installation of images in stereoscopic exhibits
*Ongoing maintenance of 3D exhibits
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3D Image Presentation
Exhibit content-developers, designers and installers look to 3D Concepts to provide optically fine, physically durable, stereoscopic print and transparency viewers and theater projection systems for:
*Trade and retail exhibit and kiosk display
*Visitors centers
* Promotions, premiums, gifts and giveaways
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exhibit cvexhibit cv Channel Exhibit Viewer
Install the Channel Viewer in a wall, panel enclosure or on a wall bracket.

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installedportable DPV - Dual Purpose Portable
DPV - Dual Purpose Portable STL for hand-held, and/or panel and enclosure mounting. Light and small for travel, easy to install for exhibits. Fl 54mm achromat- 27mm dia. , X4.6 achromat lenses, lock down fixed focus for exhibits, individually adjustable focus for.
DPV-STR for stereomounts to 23 x 33mm apertures $185.00 + s & h
DPV -M Exhibit mount finishing panel in metalflake gold, red, copper, blue, or black satin finish $45.00ea
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MiniMax MINI-10 image / MAXI-15 image Rotary Viewers

These elegant viewers come in beautiful metal-flake paint finishes, with a choice of blue, red, copper or silver. Custom finishes available upon request. Two choices of focusing achromat lenses are available. x5 mag. f50mm/ 29mm dia. for viewing out to 24 x 36mm image size in 2 x 2 mounts, or x6.5 mag. F38mm/25mm dia. which is optimum for the 5 perf Realist, 7 perf European and Wide 23 x 31.5mm (RBT W or equivalent stereomount). Revolving viewer pedestal adjusts for optimum viewing angle. Push-button control for single-momentary or multiple-sequence advance, auto shut-off bulb protection, resets to first slide after auto shut-off. Halogen illumination 600v/400ma, 110-240 volt US/Euro powered. One interchangeable slide carousel included with each viewer. S & H not included 5X MINI w/ one carousel $785.00; 6X MINI w/ one carousel $795.00; Extra MINI carousels for 8 pairs of 2 x 2 slides $148.00; Extra MINI carousels for 10 pairs of stereomounts $148.00; 5X MAXI $ 985.00; 6X MAXI $995.00; Extra MAXI carousels for 12 pairs of 2 x 2 slides $175.00; Extra MAXI carousels for 15 pairs of stereomounts $175.00.
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panel installation Rotary Exhibit Viewer for Wall, Panel, or Enclosure

Basic viewer in black. $875.00. Deep copper brown, deep blue metal flake, $895.00 + S & H. Custom colors upon request.
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rotary Wall-Mount Exhibition Rotary Viewer

3/16in thick heavy duty casing with tamper-proof exterior. Mounts to a wall or surface by a heavy-duty pivot positioning arm., before locking down with a steel lock securing pivoting arm in place with a steel lock bolt extra bolt. f47mm/29mm diameter fixed-focus achromats. Push-button single-momentary or multiple-image advance control halogen illumination. Bulb protection via auto shut-off with timer. 110 volts 60 hz. Deep copper brown, deep blue metal flake, black, custom colors upon request. $965.00 + S & H
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sturdy Multi-Slide 3D Exhibit Viewers

This sturdy stainless steel contained viewing system is ideal for museums, exhibitions, kiosks, and recreational indoor or outdoor high-traffic venues. Countersunk rear panel interface, for ease of installation against wall or in enclosure. Illumination and motor driven advance can be controlled from either the front panel, or remotely through a PC parallel port. Selectable reset to first slide after auto shut-off. Text window (2 3/8" wide x 1 1/2" high) is synchronized with image advance. Double coated F60mm-37mm diameter achromatic lenses for 35mm images are standard, F 100- 33mm diameter lenses are standard for 60 x 130mm medium format images.

Self-contained stereo audio system
Selectable speaker or headphone audio outputs
CD ROM programmability for single/multi language presentations
Four (4) -mode programmable presentation capability
Outdoor and coin operated models available
21 image viewerModel A: 21 stereo format 41 x 101mm slides with images up to 23 x 33mm
Model B: 17 paired format 50 x 50mm slides with images up to 40 x 40mm
Model C: 14 paired medium format slides for images up to 60 x 130mm
From $3500.00
10 image viewer
Model D: 10 stereo format 41 x 101mm slides with images up to 23 x 33mm
Model E: 7 paired format 50 x 50mm slides with images up to 40 x 40mm Anodized aluminum face plate. Side knob manual advance only.
From $2100.00

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