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RBT S3A For film lovers...
The Ultimate S3A Rangefinder Stereo Camera

Cosina-made Voigtlander Bessa cameras are light, unobtrusive cameras that are ideal for handheld lowlight conditions. These rangefinder cameras have a smaller distance between the film and the lens mount than SLRs.

The Voigtlander Bessa R3A is an improved version of the Bessa R2 rangefinder camera, which is an advancement in itself over the original Bessa R camera. In addition, the Bessa R3A model is the first M mount camera ever to feature a 1:1 lifesize viewfinder. As a result, shooting with both eyes open is now possible. Also, when bundled with a 50mm lens, the frame lines will show a bigger area in the viewfinder.

Several advancements upon the Bessa R make the R2/R3 a wonderful and affordable entry to the world of rangefinder cameras to compete with the Leica M, Konica Hexar RF & Contax G-Series cameras. Of course, all of the original Bessa R's outstanding features are retained; an exceptionally bright viewfinder, quiet shutter & simple LED metering system. Many internal parts of the R2 are made of metal instead of plastic (as on the Bessa R), resulting in a camera that feels more solid and durable. A major improvement over the R2 is the AE (Auto-Exposure) Aperture Priority mode, with plus/minus 2 stops compensation on AE.

Imagine if you could take a vintage stereo camera like a Realist, Kodak, Revere-Wollensak, TDC, Belplasca, Verascope, and do this with it:

Key Features


Taking order now for early to mid 2007 delivery.

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custom linkages Custom Lens Matching and Linkage

For RBT, twinned SLR, and dual rig stereo camera systems. 3D Concepts offers the precision of optically matched, mechanically linked aperture, focus and zoom functions.

Depending on the base camera setup provided, a combination of pivoting linkage bars, and/or low-profile steel link belts are utilized. Tight space near the camera body, at the F-stop function, requires use of the link-bar system. For other functions like zoom and focus, a belt system provides full- range capability that the link bars cannot. Band steel belts are 100% stretch-free for stable registration of lens functions. The belts are color-coded and pin-registered to each lens for quick, simple and worry-free removal and reinstallation of lens sets. The belts can slip easily in your camera pack...even your pocket, and you can fold them over, or subject them to heat or cold, with no worry of integrity being compromised. Link belts are covered with a comfortable, tactile rubber grip surface for easy hand control. Consult with us for what lenses will work with your setup, and plan for a lead-time of 3-4 weeks to complete all work. From $500.00

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The FM3D (Nikon FM based) offers the great features of the rugged proven classic manual Nikon FM, with the highest available shutter speeds. Nikon/Nikkor F mount, Stereo DOF preview, LED center weight metering, timer, remote release, multi exp, hot shoe, flash sync to 1/125th. Speeds to 1/1000th. 75mm stereobase model only. Available in black or silver matte finish. From $2900.00

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The RBT S2 (Voigtlander Bessa R2 based) offers the highly acclaimed optical quality and elegance of the RBT S1 (discontinued), with interchangeable lens options in a manual package. Adapts Leica, Konica and Voigtlander lenses, bright clear stereo viewfinder, LED center-weight avg. TTL meter, bulb / self-timer & to 1-500th sec, hot shoe, flash sync to 1/125th, PC flash, 65mm or 75mm lens base, from $2900.00

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RBT 3D Cameras
RBT cameras are available in four model families, X4, X5, X2V2 and 109. Each model comes with a choice of stereobase and exposure format and lens options.

RBT exposure formats:
75mm base B models produce 18* full-frame pairs (24 x 36mm) for standard processing and mounting to 2x2 slides, or prints.
65mm base C models produce 15 full-frame pairs (24 x 36mm).
65mm base A models produce 20 pairs RBT full-frame (24 x 33mm).
*based on a 36 exposure film.

Lens options by Pentax, Ricoh, Tokina, Nikon, Cosina or Zeiss.
Contact 3-D Concepts for other custom lens options.

Prices reflect the cost of the camera with importing fees, and a one year USA service and parts warranty. We can fully service, custom link & lens match ANY RBT camera.

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The RBT X4 SeriesRBT X4

The X4 (Cosina Cs1 based) is a basic manual camera. Light (640g less batteries), simple to use, stereo viewfinder, Pentax K bayonets, coupled-tracking zoom/fixed or MACRO options, center-weight avg. LED meter, timer, remote release, hot shoe, flash sync 1/125th, to 1/500th, includes travel case and strap, 65mm or 75mm base. From $1750.00
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The RBT X5 SeriesRBT X5

The X5 (Nikon/Cosina FM10 based) feature packed manual. Light (2.85lbs) and easy to use, stereo viewfinder, Nikon/Nikkor F mount, coupled tracking zoom, fixed or MACRO options, stereo depth-of-field preview, LED center weight metering, Dedicated meter control or by shutter release light touch, timer, remote release, multi-exposure , hot shoe, flash sync. to 1/125th, speeds to 1/500th, leather zip travel case. 65mm or 75mm base From $2000.00
RBT X5RBT X5RBT X5Contact us with questions. QnA@make3Dimages.com  

The RBT X2V2 SeriesRBT X2

The X2V2 (Ricoh XR-X3000 based) offers many of the ergonomic & automatic features of the deluxe X3, at a lower cost. Stereo depth of field preview, stereo viewfinder, Pentax K bayonets, zoom/fixed or MACRO options, spot and center-weight meter, auto-exp, manual override, exp-lock, timer, remote release, multi-exp/auto-bracketing, hot shoe, to 1/2000th, 65mm or 75mm lens base. From $2500.00
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The RBT 109 SeriesRBT 109

The 109 (Yashica 109 based) manual SLR camera has Contax bayonets to accommodate high-quality Zeiss fixed or zoom lenses, or the MACRO option. Center-weight avg. LED meter, manual/auto-exp, exp-lock, motor advance-rewind, stereo viewfinder, hot shoe, flash sync 1/90, timer, remote release, to 1/2000th. 65mm or 75mm base. From $2100.00
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RBT MACRO Close-Up stereo attachment

RBT Macro

MACRO Close-Up stereo attachment is made specifically for use with RBT 65mm or 75mm base X2(disc), X2V2, X3(disc), X4, X5, 108(disc) and 109. Full-frame 24mm x 36mm images, infinitely adjustable focal range from 1:1 ratio (24mm x 36mm) to 1:3 ratio (85mm x 130mm), selectable 6mm or 11mm stereo base, Meopta f105mm optics, stereo viewfinder. With Non-TTL flash or twin TTL (X3 only) From $1800.00.

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RBT MacroRBT MacroRBT Macro
RBT Macro ImageThis image was taken by David Kesner using an RBT A format camera and RBT Macro Attachment with two Metz 32Z2 TTL Flashes. Magnification was set at minimum (1:3) and stereobase was set at 11mm. Hand-held image (no tripod used.) Film was Fuji Velvia 50 ASA. It's an Australian Sugar Glider (a type of marsupial possum.)

Dual Lens Half-frame MACRO System

Macro from your SLRMacro from your SLR

Dual lens half-frame MACRO System for YOUR SLR camera. This is NOT a beam-splitter! Now with seven field sizes available, and lower prices. Your SLR camera can create ultra sharp, ultra close-up stereo images of tiny subjects within a field size as small as 10mm x 14mm. The MACRO's F60 aperture provides sharp images and incredible depth-of-field. The compact system includes the lens, frame finder and positioned flash bracket. The frame finder extends beyond the lens a pre-set distance, to insure proper focus; its guideposts define the image area. Using a positionable flash on the camera's hot shoe, the MACRO's flash-bounce plate, fitted just below the image field, helps to fill in shadow detail. The MACRO's wire frame field-finder is detachable for portability and storage. MACRO systems are available, with pre-set operating distance and image filed size: Model A. Subject size: 10x14 mm / stereobase 6.5 mm. Model *A-2 Subject size: 18x24 mm / stereobase10 mm. Model B Subject size: 21x30 mm / stereobase 9,5 mm. Model *B-2 Subject size: 36x48 mm / stereobase 12 mm. Model D Subject size: 37x50 mm / stereobase 12 mm. Model E Subject size: 52x73 mm / stereobase 14 mm. Model F Subject size: 72x96 mm / stereobase 15 mm. Models with the designation A-2 and B-2 have fixed (not detachable) frame finders. For critical mounting of these half frame images, we suggest RBT 4 half-frame mounts and RBT reduced height masks. From $375.00 per attachment, includes one SLR flash bracket, which can be used with all attachments.

Now available for digital SLR.

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Macro from your SLRMacro from your SLR

ViewMagic View-Magic 3-D Print Viewer

You do not need a 3D camera to make 3D images!
The View-Magic viewer makes full-frame 3D photography easy, it is a perfect introduction to 3D! No special equipment required. The viewer, with precision aligned glass optics, comes with complete instructions for taking 3-D pictures with your present camera (35mm, 110, Polaroid, you can even use "single use" cameras.) Film processing is easy and quick, since you shoot standard prints sizes. $35 plus $5. s & h. Large Print Viewer ($45 + $5 s&h) and Side-by-Side Viewers ($55 + $5s&h).
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RBT D1digital 3D
3D Digital Cameras
We have a variety of options of digital stereo cameras.

See details on 3D digital cameras.

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