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The 3D Advantage
3D Advantage 3D Advantage
The 3D Advantage is a single Casio EX-Z750 camera coupled with a variable base tridelta beamsplitter. It eliminates all synchronization problems by having only one shutter. The 3D Advantage allows you to shoot action pictures or movies, using any of the many features and options on the camera, without synchronization worries.

The 30 best shot scene modes available on the Casio Z750 allow you to create stereo images in color, sepia or black and white, or choose from any of the numerous manual settings.

A large achromatic viewer is situated over half of the LCD screen. This allows prescreening of the scene at hand, even on very sunny days.

Optional "stereo card" tabs can be inserted into the underside of the viewer to create a square frame in the viewer for framing shots that will be printed as stereo cards.

The variable base knob at the rear on the 3D Advantage allows easy changing of the stereo base from 1.5 inches to 3.25 inches with the turn of the dial.

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SONY H5 7.2 megapixel extended lens range
SonyH5 SonyH5
Zoom 36-432mm
Variable Stereobase adjustable frame from 67mm - 137mm
Hyperstereo options available on request
From $1500.00 + s & h

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P200 SONY P200/ 7.2 megapixel
Sleek, lightweight and portable coat or vest-pocket portable stereo digital with 45-77mm adjustable stereo base!

Automatic focus and zoom operation by slave/master tether circuit. Quick-change tether mini plug, for easy uncoupling of cameras.
Rigid horizontal lightweight aluminum frame with quick precision adjustable stereo base. Stereo base selection gauge (in mm) is mounted on the frame below each camera.

Additional Specifications:
Manual shutter control: 1/1000 th-30 sec
Aperture control
Manual focus control selectable for 0.5m, 1.0m, 3.0m, 7.0m , infinity.
3X optical zoom: Equivalent focal length range of 38 -114mm
All P200 setups include charger and batteries.
No additional LANC controller, or control appendage required.

Made to order only, 60 days lead time from receipt of a deposit. Base price, ready to use: $1975.00 plus s & h., includes choice of horizontal or vertical frame. (Alternate frame available as an option, see below)

P200 Vertical setup has 60mm fixed stereo base frame
Horizontal setup with 47-77 mm adjustable stereo base frame, includes stereo base scale in millimeters, to accurately set inter-lens distances.

Slave flash for the P200 digital setup. For balanced flash in low light conditions. $82.00 s & h
Center mounted flash slave bracket, for use with any flash. Includes hot shot mount to P200 bracket $28.00 s & h

Quick change aluminum frame options for ALL P200 models:
  • Horizontal 47-77 mm adjustable stereo base frame $ 215.00 + s & h
  • Vertical fixed 60mm stereo base frame $215.00 + s & h
  • Precision lightweight variable base slide bar up to 15 inches $245.00 + s & h
    P200 P200
  • Precision lightweight variable base slide bar up to 30 inches w/ single piece collapsible (down to half its extended length for storage and travel) feature. Maintains axis with quick-set up/knock-down to avoid rotation, vertical offset or keystone problems. Includes extension tether cable. $265.00 s & h
    joint jointopen P200
  • Precision lightweight variable base slide bar over 30 inches length: Contact us.
  • Sync tether extension cable to desired length anywhere from 30 inches to 10 feet $45.00 + s & h

See the P200 Macro

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P200 EBF (extended stereobase frame)
P200 EBF hard wired connectors are removable so both cameras can work as individual single cameras. The P200 EBF is adjustable from 48mm to 165mm.

P200 EBF $ 2185.00 + s & h.


P200 MACRO close up system

Attach your stereo linked P200 setup with this easy-to-use MACRO close up attachment. (Also works with past Sony models P150 and P100.) Selectable stereo base scale from 1-30mm allows a continuously variable range of smaller subjects to be recorded. The MACRO has a reinforced tripod mounting base to eliminate hand held camera shake, but the P200 MACRO setup is also extremely portable and light, for spontaneously hand held shooting. $485.00 + s & h
P200macro P200macro P200macro

Now available for digital SLRs! Dual Lens Half-frame MACRO System

Macro from your SLR
See our
macro system now available for your digital SLRs.

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Order housing only, or with cameras. A compact, sophisticated control mechanism links two standard Sony DSC-F717 cameras via a LANC/ACC connector, to synchronize up to 1/1000 sec. with no greater than a .4ms delay between L-R recorded information. Modified cameras allow variable 65-170mm stereobase control (unmodified 69mm minimum stereobase ). HOUSING contains vertical, horizontal, rotational and to in fine adjust control. ELECTRONICS: LED digital meter measures sync in .1ms detents up to.4ms
D1 price of housing alone: From $1100.00
D2 Digital - links two standard Sony DSC 828 Cameras D2 price of housing alone: From $1400.00
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3D Print Viewers
Making prints is so simple with digital 3D cameras. Enjoy your images using one of our 3D print viewers.

See details on 3D print viewers.

3D 35mm Film Cameras

RBT 35mm film cameras are available in four model families. Each model comes with a choice of stereobase and exposure format and lens options including Pentax, Ricoh, Tokina, Nikon, Cosina or Zeiss.

See details on 3D film cameras and attachments.

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